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The Plan

What is The Plan?

Local Trust requires all Big Local areas to draft and publish a document, which sets out the visions and goals that Partnerships wish to achieve over a two-year period, for a total of 10 years.

Whilst the Hill Top and Caldwell area was selected for the Big Local project in 2012, our first plan was not completed until September 2014.

Since then, we have had three plans, with our fourth and final plan being drafted at this current time. 

Each of our plans clearly state who we are, what the Big Local is about, recaps what we have achieved in the previous plan, and what we intend to do during the next plan period.

During the Plan Drafting Period, we consult with the local residents, asking them about their familiarity with the HTC, for their opinions of the area, and any areas for concern.

The results of this consultation form a basis, to which of the Big Local outcomes we choose to prioritise over the plan period.



We are 7 years into our 10-year plan period

The Final Plan: 2021-2024

Our final plan will be our biggest and greatest yet – and we need your help! We would like to encourage all residents of the Hill Top and Caldwell area to take part in our Community Consultation, completing a survey and letting us know what you would like to bring to the area. The time is now for your voice to be heard!

Remember! This is our last plan, so share your ideas and help make a difference to the community you live in. Every resident who completes the consulting survey will receive an entry into a prize draw, so make what are you waiting for? Click here and tell us your thoughts and opinions!

Previous Plans

Our previous three plans will be available for download here shortly.