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The HTC Hub

What is The Hub?

This was one of the Partnership’s biggest projects, aiming to provide a space for communites and local groups to use.

Although it took several years to devlop from a dream, it was worth the wait. 

The Community Hub will act as part meeting place for the community, and part drop in centre to access services including Citizens Advice. The idea is that it is informal, open to anyone who wishes to pop by for a cup of tea and a biscuit, or if a new community group is starting up, there’s a warm and welcoming place on offer to do just that.

Find us at:
1 Donnithorne Avenue
CV10 7AF


Finding a Space

It started 2 years ago when Ann, Chair of the Partnership, decided she wanted a bus. Yes, you read that right, a bus! The rest of the Partnership and the support team thought she had lost the plot!

But she explained that she wanted somewhere small and cosy for the residents of the HTC to get together. After pointing out that the bus wouldn’t fit on her driveway, it was agreed that a hub would be more appropriate.

After expressing interest in an empty shop unit on Donnithorne Road, the Support Team had to do a lot of paperwork to get the hub up and running.

Following countless hours of making phone calls, sending emails, form completion, etc., the Partnership finally received the keys for the unit.

Renovating the Unit!

The Support Team decided to open up the unit and assess the scale of the rooms that were now available. However, the shop had been left in a state of disrepair, meaning the Partnership would have to wait even longer to open its doors to the public.

The Partnership hired a team of contractors to undertake the redesign and refurbishments that would be required. The work offically began in early March 2021 and continued until late May. Walls were painted, floors were laid, flat-pack furtniture was assembled, and needless to say that plenty of tea was brewed and drank during the process.

The grand opening slowly approached, with the months of June and July being used to finalise the resources and decorations to make the unit our own.

 Finally, the hub was ready to be opened to the residents of the HTC!


The Grand Opening!

On Wednesday 4th August 2021, accompanied by Matt Leach (CEO of Local Trust) and Cllr Rob Tromans (Mayor of Nuneaton), the Partnership held an official opening event. Many local residents, Partnership members, supporting Partnership members, and members of Arley’s Big Local scheme came to witness the ribbon cutting and take a peek at the HTC’s latest investment. 

 Overall, the event was a major success. The residents of Hill Top and Caldwell now have a brand-new community space, just for them. Yet, this sparks many questions.

What’s going to happen in there? What do you want to happen? Should it even be called “The Hub”?

Some things are certain: if there is a group you want to get started but you’re not sure how many people will turn up – then maybe you could use one of the rooms; there will always be a friendly face to welcome you; and if you need some advice, but don’t know where to go, drop in when we are open and we can help direct you to the best place.

So come on in, say hello, and leave us some constructive feedback of what you would like to see this space used for! 


(From L-R: Cllr Rob Tromans, Matt Leach, Ann Cox)